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Our Approach

We get to know our clients.   If you are new to our firm, you may find that at first, we have more questions than answers.   We want to understand your financial pain points.    What’s important to you?   Once we understand, we can then determine if we can do business together and the best way forward to deliver a great solution.

We go deeper with our clients.   We prefer to work with clients who require year-round service.   For example, a business may need a combination of tax preparation, accounting support, and payroll preparation.   Our goal for a client like this is to do the work throughout the year and charge monthly, to avoid those “fun” surprises at tax time.   In fact, we like to say that with proactive planning, the tax return is nothing more than an afterthought!

Another example: we may work with clients who need annual tax preparation, but might also need ongoing assistance regarding their investments and financial planning.   For example, married couple may come to us with concerns about retirement planning, long-term care and how all of that relates to their tax situation.   Again, we will start with more questions than answers.   Our goal is to deliver a tax smart solution that gives a sense of financial sanity and assurance.

Individual Tax Prep

Corporation, Partnership, LLC and Trust

Tennessee Franchise & Excise Tax

Business License Prep

Sales Tax Consultations and Preparation

Personal Property Schedule Preparation

Preparation Services

Bookkeeping \ Write-Up

Contractors License Application and Renewal

Workers Comp Coordination and Reporting

Quickbooks Desktop

QBO (Quickbooks Online)

Reviewed Financial Statements (Coordination)

IRS and Tennessee Tax Representation

Gift Tax

Estate Tax

Financial planning

Tax Smart

College Savings

Estate Planning

Retirement Planning

401k Rollovers

Individual Retirement Accounts

Small Business Retirement Plans

Traditional IRA



Safe Harbor 401ks

Mutual Funds

Stocks Bonds

Advisory Accounts

Life Insurance


Long-Term Care Insurance

Medicare Planning Coordination

*These services are offered by Thomas Janney through his affiliation with Avantax.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. |  (615) 597-1559