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Cathy Finley & Lindsay Moore attend HD Vest Conference

Cathy Finley & Lindsay Moore attend HD Vest Conference

June 16, 2016
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This is the time of year we study, work, and get ready for the next tax season! Remember that from May through December we are closed on Fridays except by appointment.  We need time for ourselves and our family – time that is taken during the rush of tax season.  Also, we need time to "sharpen the saw" ; or, in other words, brush-up on our skills and evaluate what's going on in the accounting, tax, financial and wealth management worlds!

Wealth Management is a part of what we do here at Janney & Associates.  Once a year, HD Vest assistants from here in our office participate in the CONNECT conference hosted by our wealth services provider, HD Vest Financial Services.  With over 100 courses offered at the annual three-day convention, this is an excellent opportunity for our assistants to network with others in wealth management and learn about what’s new in the area of investing.   This year Cathy Finley and Lindsay Moore attended the conference in Washington, DC.